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It’s getting dark, the world around me is plenty of dark and sorrow.

It’s getting cold. Berlin’s so fucking cold!

But when I close my eyes, I remember the warm touch of your lips.

I remember the feeling of having you in my arms.

Looking at your little eyes, your cheeks..all your body saying “I Love You”.

I’m still thinking what you have done to me. Yeah…what did you do? I was only a boring geek who spent hours and hours in front of a PC trying to resolve boring codes… but suddenly you came.

I couldn’t imagine I would ever write love poems… I thought that was old fashioned. … Well, maybe I was wrong. I forgot how many I’ve written since I came to Germany.

You’ve changed me for sure…no..wait..It  was me who changed, because you were there supporting, caring and loving me.

Now I feel better. I don’t need to kick a sandbox and hit the wall till my hands start bleeding. You’re there… you always know when I’m bad, even if I say I’m ok. At first I thought it was crazy…now I know it’s something else. It’s Love.

MiLo, maybe I can’t do that much for you… for us right now. We’re too far, and we’ll be far even when I get back. But, be sure of something: I Do Love You.

 “All I can do for you is look into your tearful eyes without looking away. I’ll be by your side forever, forever… that’s my gift to you”.

Two more weeks to go. Aishiteruze!


Llego a la oficina y me encuentro con este regalo en el correo.  Esta situación se me escapa de las manos, es tan diferente, tan único!. Demasiado amor… y como dice Estilia, ya empiezo a creer que esta vez huele a sazón diferente.  Qué más decir… I’m so happy with you MiLo! 🙂

De regalito nuestra canción: My Gift To You de Chemistry.  “Porque no tengo nada que ofrecerte, pero te amaré como nadie más, por siempre y para siempre. Ese es mi regalo para ti”.

P.D. – Si no entendieron, más razón para aprender japonés! 😀 (Clic en el título de la canción y verán el lyric en inglés).

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